Anonymous asked:
Alex I'v admired your work for a pretty long time now like at least a year I think (and I think some of your style sorta rubbed off on mine woops). Have you ever considered uploading your old old stuff? Like first starting to take drawing seriously kinda old? That'd be soo inspiring x_x Hope you keep it up!

Nah sorry dude, not into that kind of stuff,appreciate the inquiry though. I got a small handful of these kinda of messages recently thought if go ahead and answer one/ say sorry for being absent for a bit of time, expect some kind of presence this coming summer regarding the game I’ve been working on with my boys Yog and Kervens, thanks for holding up, stay tuned for the comeback.

hey guys doulzia needs your help (!!!)

  • there is a need for more references of artwork and gameplay for the game me and my boys have been working on for studio DOULZIA's first official title release, hit me up with your favorite pixel art games of any platform or genre.
  • if you have any more insight on the game you decide to shout out hit me up in my ask box, this is really important to the success of the project, majorly appreciate the contribution.
  • (ps) please try to be as specific as possible with your answers
  • THANK YOU!!! !! !!! ! ! ! ! !

game doodles and shit 

project idea purposed to me by my good friend Alberto De la Cruz aka big dick home boy aka chips n soda aka bodycount titled “no one inside”

portrait of me irl, by the great deadcat 

like lookn in a mirror 

Anonymous asked:
Favorite animated movie?

**lion-king** (best film ever hands down)  

- Akira 

- revolutionary girl utena- adolescence of utena

- a letter to momo 

- jungle book

-101 dalmatians (backgrounds off the fuckn chain) 

- a tree of palme

- nadia the secret of blue water 

- grave of the fire flies 

- the illusionist

- galaxy express 999

- mind game 

- memories (otomo) 

- genius party 

- cat soup 

this would have to be the list right now (or at least what comes to mind) for animated feature film, go check out the ones you haven’t seen i guarantee you will enjoy them, and its always a good idea to revisit ones you have and further analyze why you were initially drawn to the film, as well as to look at them from different perspectives 

original panel roughs with police uniforms from my comic “piece-man” in collaboration with teatimetim 

original panel roughs of, scrapped from my comic titled “piece-man” in collaboration with tea time tim 

original panel roughs of the police mech, scrapped from my comic “piece-man” in collaboration with timteatime

stream of consciousness/indirect collab with music guru Ash 

bottom is a drawing of my new bud Sarah, she’s got some awesome fashion sense!

designs for another character from the comic “piece-man” that is currently in the works 

designs for another character from the comic “piece-man” that is currently in the works